Vi spurte, Danzig svarte!

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Publisert 11:00 20 June, 2013


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Danzig er på vei mot Norge og spiller på Sentrum Scene torsdag 4. juli. Stor stas. Enda større stas (for oss) er det at Glenn svarte på en bunke spørsmål vi sendte til ham over selveste internetten.

Svarene tikket inn i dag, og serveres på et virtuelt sølvfat til deg og dine. Litt kort av og til, han Danzig, men fakarten heller. Han er jo Danzig.

First of all, how’s life as Danzig at the moment?

OK, but very busy.

Norwegian Danzig fans look forward to the concert in Oslo in July. It’s going to be a special show with focus on the first album, isnt’t it?

Yes and some stuff from 2 & 3.

How was it to go back and revisit the songs from that first album that you haven’t done in a while?

Well, we occasionally did add a song here or there over the years to the set but this time on the 25th Anniversary Tour it’s a lot of older stuff.

Did it bring back memories of those first years as Danzig?

No, not really.

The promo for the show states that there’s also going to be some Misfits-action going on. What can you tell us about that?

Well, we’ve only done The Misfits set with Doyle here in the US but have never brought it over to Europe/Scandinavia/UK. So this summer as part of the 25th Anniversary Tour we’ll be fixing that with just a handful of shows.

You’ve been working on a covers-album, how is that coming along and when do you think it will be out?

It’s been done for a while, it should be out this fall.

Can you give us a little teaser on what kind of song’s that you cover?

There’s some old biker movie theme songs on there, Elvis of course, Sabbath, Troggs & lots more.

How did you pick the songs that you wanted to cover?

Just had a bunch in mind all these years that I wanted to play with.

There’s also guests on that covers album, isn’t that true?

Yeah, Cheri Currie from the Runaways came down & sang on the Some Velvet Morning cover.

It has been romoured on the internet that you’re ready to begin work on a new Danzig album after this tour. What can you tell us about that? Do you have any ideas for songs, maybe you’ve already started working on it, do you think it will be an easy record to make, or is it all just the usual internet bullshit and no such plans exist..?

Yeah, already started work on the next new Danzig Album. We’ll probably get back to work on it when I’m done with these live shows this summer.

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